Industries served

moulds tools for automotive


Plastic injection mould tools for exterior, interior, brackets and fixtures, and under bonnet applications. Piston Forging dies. Prototype moulds, jigs, and fixtures. Gauges and calibrators.

mould tools for aerospace


Forging dies and bolsters. Jigs, gauges and fixtures.

mould tools for building and utilities

Building and Utilities

Moulds for roofing products, lighting, meter boxes, underground access chambers, road plates, roadside barrier systems.

mould tools for offshore


Injection moulds for capital equipment. Low pressure moulds for pipeline bend restrictors.

Plastic injection mould tooling for materials handling

Materials Handling

Plastic injection mould tooling for supermarket produce trays, household storage, pallet dollies, bread delivery handling trays.

mould tools for white goods

White Goods

Manufacture and service of tooling for the Domestic Appliance industry.

mould tools for medical


Supply chain specialist welding of medical instruments. Injection mould tooling for medical storage and handling systems.

mould tools for defence


Subcontract batch machining undertaken, all grades including special application alloys. Thermoset transfer compression mould tooling.