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Moorland Toolmaking Co based in West Yorkshire hold an enviable reputation in the supply of world class precision plastic mould making and precision tooling. We believe the success of our business is based upon offering our clients the service of a highly skilled and experienced team of staff, cutting edge design solutions, measurable value for money, and continuous investment in the best equipment

Operating in a highly competitive global marketplace we believe that we offer a trusted service to our clients whether it be in the supply of quality new mould tooling, modifications and repairs, or other precision engineered products and assets.

Component design

We have the experience to interrogate customer designs and advise upon such matters as feed type and positioning. Also to advise upon potential problem factors in component geometry, process problem propagators, and part design for suitability to tooling/moulding.

Mould modifications, repairs and refurbishments:

All types of modifications and repairs undertaken on moulds up to 12 tonnes in weight. Simple design modifications to full form changes can be accommodated. Service work undertaken from a strip, check over and clean down to a full refurbishment. We offer Laser and TIG welding in house. Re-fitting of hot runners, flash refurbishment, re-bedding and mould polishing all undertaken.

Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges, Measuring Fixtures, Robot Heads:

All types of jigs and fixtures undertaken. Manufactured from your own drawings or reverse engineered from components.

Laser and TIG Welding:

Using our Rofin Laser welder we can re-instate fine edges, conduct cosmetic repairs, repair fine inserts without risk of distortion or definition loss.

Mould polishing:

Two fully skilled mould polishers. Off site polishing service.

Reverse Engineering

Mapping of moulds and tooling components if drawings or CAD models are not available.

Precision CNC machining:

CNC precision subcontract milling and turning undertaken. One offs to regular batch runs. All material types.

Wire and Spark EDM:

Subcontract wire and spark EDM undertaken. One offs to regular batch runs EDM up to 1.5m x 1.0m. Fanuc wire erosion to 500 x 400mm workpiece.

Gun drilling:

Subcontract deep hole drilling undertaken.


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