Mould Toolmaking

Plastic injection moulds:

Using Delcam Powershape Ultimate 2019 software our fully skilled Design Engineers can help the client to engineer the optimum solution to suit the specification brief, budget, and expected lead time.

We have capacity to manufacture plastics mould tooling up to a weight of 12 tonnes. Though widely known through the industry as being a large capacity manufacturer we of course make small moulds also ! Machining capacity to 2.4 metres. All steel types are employed, including through hardened steels and stainless mould steels. Injection mould types manufactured include multi cavity tools, tooling with insert change types for product variants, lower throughput volume tooling in various aluminium grades, overmould tooling, auto unscrewer tooling. All manufacturing processes including gun drilling of waterways are conducted in house.

2K Plastic Injection moulds:

Moulds for substrates, edge seal and soft grip applications etc.

Thermoset Compression and Transfer moulds:

A wealth of experience in design and manufacture of tooling for thermoset compression processors. For electrical applications (switchgear, lighting), building and utilities industries.

Thermoform / vacform tooling:

Aluminium form tooling for the leisure industry, white goods, food packaging.

Moulds for composites:

Large components for plant and equipment industries.

Forging Dies:

Open and closed forging dies, also upsetter types. For Automotive and Aerospace industries.

Prototype moulds:

In model board and aluminium grades.



In a variety of steel types. Supplying the food industry and building/glazing industries.


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