Experienced DesignTeam

Employing Autodesk Delcam Powershape Ultimate software our fully skilled in-house Design Engineers can help you to engineer the optimum solution to suit the specification brief, budget, and expected manufacturing lead time.
Whether it be plastic injection mould tooling, thermoset compression mould tooling, thermoset compression transfer tooling, blow moulds, extruders, Rim tooling, or prototype moulds, we will design high quality tooling to meet product specification and accuracy, cycle time, and tool life expectation.
Other areas covered include product design, advice on product design relating to suitability to sustainable tooling, reverse engineering, moldflow analysis. Also advice upon steel type suitability and moulding media suitability to your application. Particular attention is always paid to mould temperature control and mould venting to maximise productivity throughput. We are proud of our reputation for the design and manufacture of high quality durable mould tooling.
We handle all commonly used drawing file formats.